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Hi there! My name is Ngocly (knock-lee). I'm the owner of Thileaves (tee-leaves). Thileaves was brewing for quite some time, but it was all talk until Fall 2021. After being inspired and motivated by friends and family, I made the move to turn my dreams into reality. I named this journey, "Thileaves", using my middle name, "Thi" (tee) to remind me of who I am and my origin. I am Vietnamese-American. I was born in Nha Trang, Vietnam and immigrated to the United States with my single-mom and five siblings in 1991.

Thileaves is a woman-owned and located in Sacramento, California. We offer everyday, event, and wedding floral services. We are eco-conscious and strive for sustainability.  Our mission is to make you happy with our floral services, inspire, and motivate others to do what make them happy through our journey, and give back to our community when possible.

Check us out on Instagram to follow our journey. We also share gardening joy as amature urban farmers. Thanks so much for being a part of our life and watching us grow! We are forever grateful for all of your support thus far. 

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